Part Two: Michael Jordan’s Success Tips

Part Two: Michael Jordan Success Tips

Hope you enjoyed the first 3 steps to success from Michael Jordan. Here is a recap of the first three steps.

  1. Keep Working Hard: Basically without hard work, you will not reach success.
  2. Ignite the Fire: Discover what is will ignite the fire, to push you to move forward no matter what.
  3. Be Different: Use others success to motivate you, but to create your success in your own, unique way.

Okay….So now that you got refreshed on the first three tips, let’s dive in on what else Michael has to say.

#4 Fail Your Way To Success

MJ missed 9,000 basketball shots in his career. He lost 300 gams, and 26 times been trusted to take a game winning shot, but missed. There is no success without failure, and the greatest basketball player of all times failed many times. Michael’s tip here is a great eye opener when we think that we will not make it, when things don’t go our way. Anyone in the entrepreneur journey, like myself, needs to completely understand this concept.

Here is the video of Michael Jordan’s success tips.

#5 High Expectations

Make sure to set goals, and goals that are very high to achieve. Michael says that he always set goals, and was continuously growing through his goals. What I take from this tip, is that without setting goals, you cannot reach success. It has to be included in your ultimate success plan. Either the goal is small or large, it must be set. I will absolutely take note of this in my journey.

#6 Be Positive (my favorite)

“Good and bad things has happened, But still I look at it positively. Because without the negatives, I wouldn’t be who I am today. The negatives, I wouldn’t change anything, because it will will alter some other things that would have happened.” – Michael Jordan. This is a great observation! MJ explains this the best way possible, and I love the way he is optimistic. To look at the negatives as a positive, is a must in life overall. Michael says “you can’t have good without the bad”, which makes perfect sense. So when I hit a bump on my road to success, I will look at it, as it must happen in order for me to get to my destination of success.

#7 Be Who You Ought To Be

Take everything that has been giving to you and make something out of it. Have heard the saying “Make lemonade out of lemons”? Exact same concept here. MJ emphasizes that it is about work before the glory, and being what you are born to be. I truly believe that we all have a purpose, and some of us just don’t find it. Once we discover who we are suppose to be and what our talents are, we need to dive in 1,000%!

#8 Have A Vision

Test your will to succeed, because you should have a vision. Having a vision doesn’t mean to just dream let’s say. But having a vision will fuel you to endure the negatives to reach your goal. Keeping your eye on the vision, will focus you to push through whatever comes your way.

#9 Stop Making Excuses (I have a low tolerance for excuses!)

When we look at people that made it and super successful, we don’t realize that they worked extremely hard for years. We don’t see everything they went through to make it to where they are today. MJ speaks on how it might look like it was all easy for him. He says, “Maybe I made you think that every shot I took, was a game winner”. It was all of his hard work and lack of excuses, that brought him to where he is today. MJ says that failure gave him strength, and pain is his motivation. “Maybe I made you believe that basketball was God’s gift, and not something I worked for” -MJ I will stop making excuses and use the issues to help me push forward, as MJ says. This tip was very motivational to me, hope it is to you as well.

Last but not least……

#10 Practice

Michael practiced as if he was actually playing a game. He did this so when the moment comes in the game, it wouldn’t be new to him. I found this super interesting, because when I see any kind of practice, it looks like just practice. This is why Jordan was such an excellent player, because he really worked on his craft. So when you need to nail a sale, or whatever you might be doing, just practice as if it was the real thing!

Hope you found value in this blog and what the legendary basketball player has to say about success. I will be sharing a few more of other successful peoples insights on success.

Till next time