As I mentioned before, this blog will be about my entrepreneurship journey and what I’m learning on the way. I hope this can teach and inspire you, to take action and follow your dream. One thing I learned is that knowledge is power, and the more I learn about success, the more I will attract it. My goal is to read a minimum of 40 books this year and so far I read 3 (I think I need to speed it up…lol). Michael Jordan Steps to Success

Reading books about success and watching videos have benefitted me so far. Today I want to share with you about Michael Jordan’s ideas and tips about success. Now we all know that he is a legend in basketball, and is net worth over $1 billion. Amazing! We see all of his success, but I discovered that he failed plenty before he reached huge success. Here is  3 out of 10 tips he mentions about success:

#1. Keep Working Hard

Michael Jordan was the first one at batting practice, early in the morning. At the same time, he was the last to leave. He was dedicated to train hard, because he wasn’t so good at baseball. I apply this to my journey of reaching success. This taught me that if I want to be the best at something, that I need to work hard to get there. That included of hours of perfecting my crafts, and understanding that the more time I put into it, the better I will be. If you want to be successful, you must continuously work hard.

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