Part Two: Michael Jordan Success Tips

Hope you enjoyed the first 3 steps to success from Michael Jordan. Here is a recap of the first three steps.

  1. Keep Working Hard: Basically without hard work, you will not reach success.
  2. Ignite the Fire: Discover what is will ignite the fire, to push you to move forward no matter what.
  3. Be Different: Use others success to motivate you, but to create your success in your own, unique way.

Okay….So now that you got refreshed on the first three tips, let’s dive in on what else Michael has to say.

#4 Fail Your Way To Success

MJ missed 9,000 basketball shots in his career. He lost 300 gams, and 26 times been trusted to take a game winning shot, but missed. There is no success without failure, and the greatest basketball player of all times failed many times. Michael’s tip here is a great eye opener when we think that we will not make it, when things don’t go our way. Anyone in the entrepreneur journey, like myself, needs to completely understand this concept.

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